"Don’t gain the world and lose your soul, wisdom is better than silver or gold."

Bob Marley

red velvet cake pops with blue chocolate icing and soy milkkk! :)

Anonymous asked:
Why does anonymous keep asking random questions?*cough*cough this is DJ JD

I don’t knowwww. We should get down to the bottom of it!

Anonymous asked:
Why does everyone call your brother Malla?

Malli means little brother in Sinhala. We changed it around a bit.

Ducklings following Mama at Milliken Park.


Feeling Good By:Michael Bublé


Wolfville Reservoir Park


Orangutan by toonman blchin

"The higher, more distant, level of patriarchy is capitalism. This is what is represented by corporate truth. You don’t see a man beating a wife, but there’s a fictitious man beating all the women, children and people of the world."